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Grupo Compay Segundo

100 Años Compay
This album enhances the return to France of the legacy of the "Buena Vista Social Club" which embodies Cuban music all around the world.

Do not hesitate to discover this music which will make you travel for sure...Buy it!

Jeffrey Grice

Discover the Jeffrey Grice's universe through these 14 pieces played by this amazing artist...Buy it!

Maikel Dinza & Soneros De La Juventud

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Oslo Swan

Dreamin' Album Digipack Collector
1st album du groupe version collector en digipack glissé dans fourreau en moumoute blanche...Buy it!

Oslo Swan Ep " à Genoux"
EP only digitalBuy it!

For The Best
Oslo Swan is back with a brand new album, a gem where sweetness and emotion mixes in harmony.

We often end thinking that we saw and heard everything. Then it's time to listen to the latest Oslo Swan's release. Oslo Swan melts in your mouth like a candy stick, an acid drop, it glides along your spine, it revives the most impervious beings, it comforts the abandoned souls, it breathes both the warm and the cold, it freezes the breeze on the ice field, it is even said that the last polar bears were seen dancing on it...
Stefan & guyrOOts offer you a second album both romantic and nailed with perfection in which their profound inspirations are merging with some obvious references, let yourself be tempted!Buy it!