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Location: Paris,NEW ZEALAND

jeffrey grice


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born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1954, where he began playing the piano at an early age.
After graduating from the University of Auckland with degrees in French and piano performance, he went in 1976 to study in Paris, obtaining a Licence de Concert at the Ecole Normale de Musique in the class of Germaine Mounier.
In 1979 he went to Israel for a year to study repertoire with Enrique Barenboim.
A laureate of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, the Cziffra Foundation and the Sophia-Antipolis Foundation, Jeffrey has recorded in Europe for CALLIOPE, ERATO, BLUMLEIN and INTEGRAL CLASSIC, in Japan for SONY CLASSICAL, COSMO VILLAGE and JVC, and in New Zealand for TE WAIATA. Winner of a Prix de l'Académie du disque français in 1984, he was decorated by the French
government as Officer in the Order of Arts and Letters in 1999.

The Between Two Worlds formula was initially a recital project seeking to create a new kind of listening by juxtaposing new currents in contemporary music with standard repertoire.

In 2013, Jeffrey Grice and rock 'n roll guitarist Joachim Schjelbred took this a step further by launching an original crossover project called BTW2, constructed of raw, entirely untreated and improvised takes.

BTW2 is a project exploring the vast and mystical sounds and silences that lie between two worlds, conceived by Joachim Schjelbred and Jeffrey Grice for acoustic and electric guitar, ukulele and piano in a raw crossover constellation.

JOACHIM SCHJELBRED, born in 1983 in Sweden of Danish parents.
After very brief encounters with the violin and saxophone in his early adolescence, he first picked up the guitar at the age of seventeen. Completely self-taught, he started exploring the instrument on his own, drawing main inspiration from the rock and roll music of the 60's.

Shortly thereafter he formed and fronted the band Scotch (rhythm guitar and lead vocal) writing all their songs. After the breakup of the band, he continued his music exploration very much on his own, and continued composing songs and recording them on his primitive home studio.

His move to Paris in 2008 saw the comeback to live performances, as he reinterpreted his old songs with a 3 man band (Ylajali) relying on non-electrified instruments only.

2012/13 became a decisive year, as Joachim partnered up with his long time friend, pianist Jeffrey Grice, for BTW2, a raw crossover duo project for classic piano and rock guitar.

Joachim carries the tradition of rock and roll, rhythm and blues, folk, experimental music/sounds close to his heart (see: tattoo) and when asked for major influences and/or style, answers the question with: "Rock and Roll in All its Beauty and Beast."

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